My name is Zukiswa Wanner and I am an African writer. I have contributed material to newspapers and magazines that include The Observer/Guardian, Sunday Independent, City Press, Mail & Guardian,  La Repubblica, OpenSociety, Sunday Times, Africa Review, Wordsetc,  The New Statesman, True Love, Shape, Oprah, Elle, Juice, Afropolitan , and Forbes Africa.

In 2011, I wrote a book of the Bible and did a research piece on South African education,  while affirming  (if anyone ever doubted themJ) my  feminist credentials with an introductory piece for Mail & Guardian’s Book of Women. I also beamed with pride as my third novel Men of the South (Kwela 2010) was shortlisted for Commonwealth Prize Africa Region for Best Book.

My two children’s books Refilwe and Jama loves Bananas are currently in production, while I take part in literary festivals and write for a feature film.

Some of my publications include;

>> Books

>>Broadcast Writing

  • Nomvula’s Tears (SAFM  1hour radio play aired 2008)
  • Radio Vuka  (SAFM soapie, inaugural writing team 2008)

>> Collaborations

  • 8115: A Prisoner’s Home (2010) , a biography on 8115 Vilakazi Street with award-winning South African photographer Alf Kumalo.

>> Anthologies


13 thoughts on “About

  1. dear zukiswa wanner,
    yesterday i picked your book in the library, not knowing who you are, just because i liked the cover… i have to tell you i stayed awake half of the night to read men of the south, i am so much loving it!!! greetings from vienna, ade

    • Dear Ade,
      Thank you for your warm words and I am humbled that you enjoyed my little offering. It is statements like yours that make me keep wanting to do what I do. Thank you again for reading.

      • Dear Zuki,
        This is about “The Unpublished Writer” who is looking for you an editing professional. Oh! thank you for your article about “The African Future Of The Book” on NA. Thank you again for speaking your couragous heart in voice.

  2. Hi Zukiswa, my name is Joy Dikgale, I live in Johannesburg. I read your book The Madams, and I absolutely loved it. I want to develop it into a television series. I think we have a winner here, please get back to me and let me know what you think about taking your concept and developing it for tv.

    Joy Charles Dikgale

  3. Dear Zukiswa. Rian Malan and Charl Pierre Naude sent me into your direction, apparently you all had a fabulous time with the great Breyten Breytenbach a few years ago. I am organising a event for the Johannesburg City Festival in October and we would love for you to be one of our guest speakers, but I see you now live in Kenya. Is there any chance that you might be in Joburg on 2 Oct 😉 Please send me your e-mail address so that I can send you the info.

    best regards,
    Ann Toerien

  4. Nice articles u write ive lived inS.A and i love their accent and from an article u wrote in the daily nation a kenyan newspaper it was just funny” lost in pronunciation:lessons learnt in a convent ” keep on doing it

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